5G in Laax: download of halfpipe run videos for free

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Laax/Opfikon, February 23, 2021

5G in Laax: download of halfpipe run videos for free

  • Last season, Sunrise was the first provider to launch a test phase for creating personal halfpipe videos via 5G in Laax.
  • The pilot project was an overwhelming success: in just 3 days, 700 video clips were generated using a fully automated approach and delivered to the snowboarders and skiers via 5G within 3 minutes.
  • The service is available from now on for the minipipe and for the superpipe. All snowboarders and skiers can use this service for free.

What started 2020 as a pilot project that delighted professional riders during the Snowboard World Cup event LAAX OPEN is now launched as an official service: “Videos became a smash hit from the first time we offered them as an additional service for halfpipe rider. The sophisticated iRewind video technology and the powerful Sunrise 5G network allows videoclips to be created extremely fast and delivered to a smartphone via 5G. The rider’s positive feedback reveals the potential behind these 5G-based solutions. LAAX, iRewind and Sunrise have remarkably paved the way for innovative additional services in the field of tourism, available thanks to the 5G network,” explains André Krause, CEO of Sunrise UPC.


“A fully-automated and 5G-based production allows to generate a massive number of personal video clips in a very short time. Perfect for busy slopes when the weather is sunny. The large number of shares also showed that snowboarders and skiers really value these videos and are highly prone to sharing them with their closest circle of friends and family,” confirms Andreas Herren, Head of Product and Co-Owner of iRewind.


5G videos soon at GALAAXY Park


“Whether you are a former Olympic gold medalist and multiple world champion, an advanced amateur rider or a teenager – everyone loves their personal halfpipe run videos. Fully automated video production additionally opens up new possibilities for downhill mountain bike courses, fun parks, river rafting, paragliding and much more. Digital guest experiences are a major factor of success in the tourism industry and we will continue to develop this kind of additional services further. Starting as soon as summer 2021, we are looking to offer the video services at the GALAAXY Park on the Crap Sogn Gion as well,” announces Reto Poltera, Head of Sport and Leisure of the Weisse Arena Group.


LAAX, iRewind and Sunrise offer halfpipe videos for the minipipe and the superpipe to all snowboarders and skiers. All those riding through one of the pipes will receive their personal video on the smartphone via the INSIDE LAAX app or in their email inbox thanks to the automated video production feature and the 5G network offered by Sunrise. The videos offer an added value to everyone. Professional riders tend to tape many of their runs since these videos help them get even better. Amateur freestylers love the idea that their personal video is immediately available thanks to 5G. It is ultimately a souvenir that reminds them of a great experience at their holiday destination LAAX.


Video: 5G Experience at Laax