Sunrise UPC equips SRG SSR with the latest IP technology

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Opfikon, 17 March 2021

Sunrise UPC equips SRG SSR with the latest IP technology

  • Sunrise UPC not only operates its own TV channel, MySports, but is also supporting the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, SRG SSR, with the expansion of its broadcasting infrastructure.
  • The extensive list of requirements was formidable: more than 40 broadcasting sites and all important sport stadiums in Switzerland were connected to one another with IP technology.
  • Audio and video data must be transmitted reliably, securely and in nanosecond speed in order to continue fulfilling SRG SSR’s legal performance mandate in the future.

The specifications that SRG SSR lays down for its network operator are extensive: a Switzerland-wide fiber optic network, high service availability, scalable performance, professional service management and innovative competence. SRG does not just want to be sure that the complex signal transport functions perfectly. It also wants to exploit the potential for innovation by having an optimal cost-benefit ratio to gain as much flexibility as possible in production.


Proven partnership

The conversion of the signal transmission from radio relay to the fiber optic network was already a technological leap in the early 2000’s. UPC Business was commissioned for the technical implementation even then. A further innovation boost has been in progress since 2018: converting the transmission to IP technology. As a result of this technological leap, Sunrise UPC's business unit has equipped not only the IP media network, but also the corporate network and the optical backbone to meet all of SRG’s future data service needs.


Allocation of data streams and bandwidths as required

Carrier Ethernet services were provided for the corporate network; the routers are owned and operated by SRG SSR. Kapsch and Cisco, two long-standing parters of Sunrise UPC, supported the integration.


The IP media network was developed and implemented as a managed service in close cooperation between SRG SSR, Nevion, Cisco and Sunrise UPC. The implementation of the new SMPTE 2110 standard enables the transport of the video, audio and data signals as separate IP data streams in any-to-any connections.


With the switch to IP technology, SRG SSR gains more flexibility and control in broadcast production. The control center in the IP media network is based on Nevion VideoIPath, a software that can be used to control, orchestrate and monitor all services across the entire network. This allows SRG SSR to freely define the IP data streams as required, including the allocation of bandwidths. In the software-defined network, diversions via a service department that manually configures data connections are unnecessary.


Data synchronization within nanoseconds and with up to 100 Gbit/s

In a WAN (wide area network) the size of Switzerland, synchronizing the signals with nanosecond precision is a special challenge. The construction of the IP media network was therefore a pioneering challenge for Sunrise UPC's engineering team. This project for SRG SSR can be considered one of the most innovative ICT projects in the media industry.


Bandwidths of 1 to 100 Gbit/s are available for the services. To ensure that SRG SSR can fulfill its legal performance mandate at all times, Sunrise UPC guarantees an availability of 99.99% for the critical services.


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