MySports is staging the hottest playoffs of all time

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Erlenbach / Rossens, 9 April 2021

MySports is staging the hottest playoffs of all time

  • On 13 April the National League playoffs will start on MySports. They will continue possibly until 14 May and be decided later than ever before.
  • Each playoff round will be accompanied by studio broadcasts, expert talks and a new studio concept. 
  • There will be numerous shows and contests for the fans that are forced to forego a seat in the stadium during the playoffs.

Hockey playoffs in the early summer, that’s never happened before. Following the spring of 2020 when the coronavirus practically swept the series away, this time it should work out. On 14 May 2021 at the latest, the 2020/2021 hockey champion will be known, before the national team heads to Riga from 21 May to 6 June for the world championships.


The “double bubble” concept
The strategy worked out by the league and the association is called “double bubble”: All players and staff members stay only within the ice arenas (“sport bubble”) and in their own homes (“home bubble”), and there will only be documented contacts among the team members and with their family members that live in the same household. Shortly before the playoffs begin, all team members will complete a PCR test, and during the playoffs they will be tested at least once a week.


Focus on the hockey fans

Of course MySports will pick up on the bubble theme and report regularly on how the players and clubs are doing. After all, this was an intensive focus already during the last U20 WM in Canada. But the channel is going beyond pure sports reporting to support those that are definitely missing out a bit during the current playoffs: the fans.


What does a die-hard hockey fan do when they are excluded from attending their team’s games? They organize their own (COVID-conform) fan zone. MySports is looking for the best, coolest, most enthusiastic fan location in Switzerland. MySports itself will provide the supplies: special playoff sausages, beer from Chopfab and a grill from Weber. Within the framework of its reporting, the channel will visit the hottest and most heated locations for showings – such as on a balcony or rooftop terrace – to choose the coolest summer hockey location. The reward is a garden party with a grill, beer and sausages.


What’s new
Every round will be accompanied by a studio broadcast. The studio set will be transformed to an early summer look. There the seven MySports experts will plant their young plants in a raised bed and lavish care on their garden during the entire playoff series. The live reporting will be supplemented by the weekly online show “Grill it”, with and by anchorman Lars Nay. Commentator Thomas Rottmeier will underscore all this with the MySports playoff song “Flip Flop Playoffs”, which he wrote and interpreted himself. #Homemade plain and simple, and the perfect summer feeling to go with cold ice cream and warm early summer evenings. 

To get this summer feeling across, the two hosts Lars Nay and Gabriel Gasser have already thoroughly exposed themselves. In the trailer for the playoffs they jump into the icy five-degree Pfäffikersee wearing full hockey gear, or venture out on the bare ice in their bathing suits. This is just a little foretaste of the hottest playoffs of all time.


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