MySports Documentary: Bastian Baker’s Unexpected Comeback

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Erlenbach / Rossens, 22 April 2021

MySports Documentary: Bastian Baker’s Unexpected Comeback

  • Instead of touring the big stadiums of Europe as a musician, Bastian Baker picks up a hockey stick and puts on his skates with HCV Martigny again.
  • The world-renowned artist, with the MySports League club, experiences the highs and lows of a 2020/2021 season marked by the coronavirus.
  • MySports has closely followed this best-known player of HCV Martigny from when he signed his contract in August 2020 to the abrupt end of the season in mid-January 2021.

For the documentary "Between dream and reality, the return of Bastian Baker", a team from MySports accompanies star singer Bastian Baker while he embarks on his personal challenge to play ice hockey again for HCV Martigny, a semi-professional club aiming for a rise to the Swiss league. Will the music star live up to this challenge in the midst of a pandemic? The 40-minute documentary will be broadcast for the first time with German subtitles (original language: French) on Friday, 23 April at 6:45 pm on MySports One.


Back to the roots

After ten years of singing and performing all over the world, the pandemic thwarted Bastian Baker's tour plans. The former Martigny junior decided to return to the club he last played for. Accompany star Bastian Baker through the key moments of this important season for the Valais club: From the announcement of him signing the contract on August 20, 2020, to the sudden end of the MySports League, the documentary follows the joys and the anguish of this unprecedented comeback step by step, where dreams will collide with a harsh reality...


The personal and social challenges of Bastian Baker

"The film immerses the viewer into my adventure with HCV Martigny in an unfiltered and very realistic way, even if the ending is bitter, both for the team and for me," explains Bastian Baker.


Documentary "Between dream and reality, the return of Bastian Baker” on MySports One
Friday, 23 April, 2021 at 6:45 pm
Saturday, 24 April, 2021
after the Swiss-League live broadcast (around 10:10 pm)
Original language French with German subtitles


Video content:

  • Trailer for the documentary "Between dream and reality, the return of Bastian Baker"; German, French