Wow speeds, even without fiber optics and the Giganet – thanks to 5G

Press Release


Opfikon, 10 March 2021

Wow speeds, even without fiber optics and the Giganet – thanks to 5G

  • Sunrise UPC offers the fastest and most reliable 5G mobile network in Switzerland.
  • Thanks to 5G, Sunrise UPC is bringing Wow speeds even to households that do not benefit from high-speed Internet via fiber optics or the UPC Giganet.
  • From May 10, 2021, Sunrise UPC will be offering households in more than 26 municipalities high-speed Internet via 5G for their home at a promotional price – with a price reduction of more than 40% during the first 24 months (minimum duration).
  • This offer can be tried out for free for 1 month. Anyone who isn’t satisfied with the offer can cancel within the trial month.

In many urban and rural communities, there are large numbers of households unable to benefit from fast Internet connections (several hundred Mbit/s). This makes a productive home office, efficient online learning and the use of modern entertainment options almost impossible for them – or at least not to a satisfactory level.


Sunrise UPC is offering households such as these the ideal solution in the form of 5G. To help these households in over 26 municipalities bridge this gap, Sunrise UPC is launching the «5G Wow Speed» promotional campaign. From May 10, 2021, selected households in the following municipalities will benefit. In a subsequent phase, the «5G Wow Speed» promotion will be extended to other regions – including Romandy and Ticino.


Aesch (BL), Altstätten (SG), Arlesheim (BL), Belp (BE), Binningen (BL), Brunnen (SZ), Buchs (SG), Dübendorf (ZH), Grenchen (SO), Herzogenbuchsee (BE), Langenthal (BE), Lyss (BE), Meiringen (BE), Münsingen (BE), Muttenz (BL), Neuhausen am Rheinfall (SH), Nidau (BE), Oberwil (BL), Reinach (BL), Romanshorn (TG), Schaffhausen (SH), Spreitenbach (AG), Suhr (AG), Thayngen (SH), Wil (SG), Würenlos (AG).


The selected households will receive, by way of example, Sunrise We Home M for CHF 45.-/month* or Sunrise We Home XL+ including Apple TV for CHF 59.–/month*. The Sunrise We Home offer via 5G can be tried out for free for 1 month.


The fast Internet connections are provided by the fastest and most reliable 5G network in Switzerland together with the Sunrise Internet Box 5G or the Sunrise Internet Outdoor Box 5G, which customers can loan for free.


The Sunrise UPC 5G network covers more than 780 cities and villages with high-speed 5G (up to 2 Gbit/s) and over 93.6% of the Swiss population with basic 5G (up to 1 Gbit/s). See the coverage map for more details.


*Minimum duration of 24 months, Sunrise We Home M CHF 45.-/month for the first 24 months, then CHF 75.-/month. Sunrise We Home XL+ CHF 59.-/month for the first.24 months, then CHF 100.-/month.