UPC Mobile customers will be transferred to the Sunrise UPC mobile network

Press Release


Opfikon, 15 June 2021

UPC Mobile customers will be transferred to the Sunrise UPC mobile network

  • UPC Mobile customers have been using the Swisscom mobile network since January 2019. Following the merger of Sunrise and UPC, around 280,000 UPC Mobile customers will be migrated to the Sunrise UPC mobile network.
  • Sunrise UPC has a unique, convergent network infrastructure to provide customers with cutting-edge mobile, Internet, TV and entertainment packages.
  • Sunrise UPC is continuing to expand its network infrastructure and – with UPC Giganet and the Sunrise mobile network, including 5G – will be offering gigabit speeds to over 90% of Swiss households by the end of the year.

«Our fiber optics-based Giganet, access arrangements, fiber optics partnerships and our mobile network make up an infrastructure combination that is unique in Switzerland. We are therefore transferringUPC mobile customers to our own mobile network, which ranks among  the best in the world,» says André Krause, CEO of Sunrise UPC.

Starting today, migration of UPC mobile customers to the Sunrise UPC mobile network will take place in stages over the course of several weeks. Residential customers will be migrated automatically via an «Over the Air» update. Customers will receive advanced notice via SMS. No action is required on their part and they can still use their mobile phones as usual.

Cutting-edge broadband infrastructure in Switzerland
The switch to the Sunrise UPC mobile network will give UPC mobile customers access to the best mobile data network in Switzerland and the greatest 4G/LTE coverage of over 97% of the area of Switzerland. This will allow the Sunrise UPC mobile network to reach 99.9% of the Swiss population.

The unique combination of  theUPC Giganet, partner networks and a world-leading Sunrise mobile network including 5G will make Sunrise UPC the only provider able to offer gigabit speedsto over 90% of households, with a longer-term view to increase this to 10 Gbit/s. In late 2020, Sunrise UPC customers were already surfing at an unrivalled Swiss-wide average Internet speed of about 400 Mbit/s. At the same time, they also enjoyed exclusive leading-edge mobile, TV and entertainment packages.

The long-term partnerships with SFN and local energy providers have allowed over 35% of households and businesses to access FTTH fiber-optic connections (with up to 10 Gbit/s). Based on the technologically neutral access arrangements (BBCS), Sunrise UPC is bringing fiber optic packages to the same locations as Swisscom, including all new housing development areas.