Date Title
15 Jun 2021 15 Jun UPC Mobile customers will be transferred to the Sunrise UPC mobile network
11 Jun 2021 11 Jun Top performance paves the way to champion status
10 Jun 2021 10 Jun Sunrise UPC – together more business power
09 Jun 2021 09 Jun Sunrise Skylights Zürisee Sessions: music to be played on the water
08 Jun 2021 08 Jun Sunrise UPC to become new, main Swiss-Ski partner as of the 2022/23 season
31 May 2021 31 May Jann Billeter switches to MySports
25 May 2021 25 May MySports and National League extend media partnership for another five years
20 May 2021 20 May Sunrise UPC is helping to shape the future of the construction and real estate industry
18 May 2021 18 May Sunrise UPC is committed to sustainability and is a new partner of swisscleantech
10 May 2021 10 May Wow speeds, even without fiber optics and the Giganet – thanks to 5G
06 May 2021 06 May Continued customer growth and successful integration
05 May 2021 05 May Deciding round in the first eNational League Championship on MySports
30 Apr 2021 30 Apr Sunrise Communications Ltd and UPC Switzerland LLC are being legally merged into «Sunrise UPC LLC».
30 Apr 2021 30 Apr The new Apple iPad Pro 5G now available to order – with 6 months of We Connect surf for free
26 Apr 2021 26 Apr Sunrise UPC specifies restructuring plans
22 Apr 2021 22 Apr MySports Documentary: Bastian Baker’s Unexpected Comeback
09 Apr 2021 09 Apr MySports is staging the hottest playoffs of all time
30 Mar 2021 30 Mar Five partners are pooling their expertise to ensure a sustainable future for Swiss agriculture
25 Mar 2021 25 Mar MySports is focusing on sustainable motorsports: Formula E and “Extreme E” as exclusive content for Switzerland
25 Mar 2021 25 Mar Delisting of Sunrise shares from SIX Swiss Exchange as of 6 April 2021
22 Mar 2021 22 Mar Cancellation of publicly held Sunrise shares
17 Mar 2021 17 Mar Sunrise UPC equips SRG SSR with the latest IP technology
16 Mar 2021 16 Mar Smart metering sets the course for the digitization of the energy industry and for access to a new ecosystem
15 Mar 2021 15 Mar Sunrise We Connect: New mobile data subscriptions for all needs and all devices
04 Mar 2021 04 Mar Sunrise UPC lowers the electricity consumption of its 5G network by enough to supply the annual power demand of a small commune
02 Mar 2021 02 Mar swype now completely digital thanks to eSIM
01 Mar 2021 01 Mar Customers benefit immediately from merger of Sunrise and UPC
23 Feb 2021 23 Feb 5G in Laax: download of halfpipe run videos for free
16 Feb 2021 16 Feb Strong customer growth momentum for Sunrise and UPC
11 Feb 2021 11 Feb Sunrise and the Virtuelle Fabrik are getting IoT projects off the ground
21 Jan 2021 21 Jan Sunrise UPC is updating its working conditions and launching a consultation process for job cuts
14 Jan 2021 14 Jan Sunrise is now accepting pre-orders for the new Samsung Galaxy S21 series